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  • ​The Syracuse WorkForce Run (“SYRWFR”) is open to all companies with employees that have an interest in advancing fitness, teamwork and fun. Company and employee eligibility determinations shall be made exclusively by the event owner (T.E.A.M. Incorporated d/b/a Barwick Marketing & Events Group). All participant and team eligibility decisions are final. Upon request, the event owner may request supplemental materials to support a participant’s eligibility to participate in the race.  

  • Participants of Corporate Teams must be actively employed for their organization, working a minimum of 20 hours a week. Actively employed includes the following types of employee: full time, part time, temporary and interns. Those who are ineligible to participate as part of their organization’s team include: employees on leave or sabbatical, volunteers, non-employees, club members, and sub-contractors. Family members who are registered for the company team and unaffiliated individual registrants (non-company, governmental or agency based) are not eligible for the scoring team competition. 

  • Each participant must register online using the SYRWFR registration system in order to be officially entered and eligible to run the race. By registering for the Race, participants represent and warrant that: (1) they are medically fit to run; and (2) they fulfill any of the listed requirements. 

  • Each company team must register a  minimum of three (3) entrants that meet all of the eligibility requirements to form one (1) complete team: a male team of three (3) men - OR - a female team of three (3) women. Company/organizational teams that register less than the minimum will not be accepted and it will be required that their employees register as individuals unaffiliated with a company/organization.  

  • These Rules of Competition and any other race rules are subject to interpretation by the event owner. All decisions made by the event owner are final. 


If you have any additional Eligibility Questions please send them to



  • All participants must wear their assigned race bib in full view on the front torso area of their shirt.  

  • All participants must abide by social distancing rules. No running in groups, except for families who have been living together through the pandemic.  Running with masks will be optional.  

  • Participants may run anywhere, outside or on a treadmill, so long as they complete a 5K (3.1 miles) 

  • All participants must submit their Results on the event registration page.  

  • Participants may run or walk the 5K.  No biking, roller skating, skateboarding, etc are permitted.

  • All individual and team payments must be received by the close of Registration. If such fees are not received, the failure to pay may result in disqualification of the individual participant or the entire team as determined by Race Owner.


If you have any additional Race Day Rules questions please send them to

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